Interterm Abroad Can Be Majestic, Unique

Interterm Abroad Can Be Majestic, Unique

by Carly Danner

On her last day in the Galapagos Islands, sophomore integrated educational studies major Sarah Knobel sailed with fellow Chapman students as they watched the sunset. She couldn’t believe the majestic scenery surrounding her was all for class credit.

“While traveling in the Galapagos, I saw untouched beauty,” said Knobel. “I saw a kind of nature that is rare in America.”

Chapman offers several ways for students to explore the world. While some choose semester long programs, others lean towards travel courses. Summer and interterm travel courses offer students a chance to travel from 1-4 weeks all while getting an educational experience. Chapman faculty will lead these short-term study abroad experiences with a small group of Chapman students.

Travel courses are a unique way for students to immerse themselves in a new culture for a short period of time. Students are not only given an opportunity to take a class abroad, but they are also able to discover a new culture they can hold onto forever.

“It sounds strange to come back with a new perspective when you were only there for three weeks,” said Sam Forrest, a senior theatre performance major. Forrest went on the London theatre tour during interterm 2012. “It was a unique and refreshing experience to be cut off from everything.”

Forrest said he not only left London with more confidence, but also felt very content with his 3 weeks abroad.

Many students find that they experience the most growth while spending a semester abroad. For students who can’t or prefer not to spend a semester abroad, interterm courses are a great alternative.

Chapman offers courses that travel to unique destinations like Chile, Germany, India, Vietnam, and many more.

Endsley Eggert, a senior television and broadcast journalism major who went on the New Zealand documentary expedition, believes that pushing your limits creates the ultimate experience.

“Any chance you get to get out of your comfort zone, while exploring new cultures and ideas is a good one,” Eggert said.

Eggert and the other students on her trip traveled to the tops of mountains, went bungee jumping, and even went skydiving. The adventures these students and their faculty embark on create a unique bond while experiencing another country.

Many students who choose these courses may only know one or two other students on the trip. Upon their return, however, the students come back with tight bonds to their fellow travelers.

“I built unique bonds with everyone on our trip,” said Rachel Smith, a senior television and broadcast journalism student who also went on the New Zealand documentary expedition.

Smith didn’t want to leave Chapman for an extended period of time. The travel course offered her a chance to explore an unknown location while still being able to prepare for the upcoming semester.

When it comes to studying abroad, the length of time depends on personal preference. While a semester abroad allows more time to be enriched by another culture, travel courses give students a limited amount of time that forces them to plunge into another culture.

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