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2014 Coachella lineup

2014 Coachella lineup

by Rachel Fechser  

Best 7 Succulents for the Home

by Lindsay McMillan Burro’s Tail Burro’s tail is shown to grow best when planted in a hanging basket, since its overlapping leaves can grow up to three feet long. Being a native to Mexico, it likes medium to high light for optimal growth. Though Burro’s Tail […]

The Positive and Negative Health Effects of Coffee

by Chloe Bubion As college students, relying on coffee to get you through the day, night, and even week is normal.  What many do not realize are the benefits and risks that come along with the caffeinated drink of choice. According to the number of […]

Financial Advice for College Students

by Nicole Winkler  Confused about managing your personal finances as a college student? Mint provides a helpful college student financial survival guide  that can answer some of your questions! 

Using Chapman Resources

by Nicole Winkler  Interested in finding the resources that can greatly improve your college career? Check out the Career Development Center – located in Argyros Forum, room 303.  

Selfies: self-aware or self-obsessed?

by Laine Bernstein Anne Swenson can recall some of her very first selfies. “I recently logged in with my best friend from middle school to her old Photobucket account and we discovered some very humbling selfies of ourselves,” Swenson, a senior art history major said. “We […]

Tips for Taking Better Pictures with Your iPhone

by Shanna Klahn  Not everyone can afford a big fancy camera or is aspiring to be an artist but here are tips for taking better pictures on your iPhone.   1.     Take photos of outdoor lights before it gets too dark 2.     Use your headphones as […]

History and tradition

by Igor Bosilkovski The designated place of worship in The Bahá'í Faith is called a Bahá'í House of Worship. There are only eight continental Houses of Worship around the world(the one in Turkmenistan was demolished), with a ninth one currently under construction. One of them is […]

Top 5 Dessert Shops in Orange County

Top 5 Dessert Shops in Orange County

by Nikole Weber Hanna Lobet grimaces as she takes a gulp of her grass-colored concoction. Cold-pressed greens are a beach body tonic for Southern California natives, but the junior Biology major cannot help but wish her vegetable juice was replaced with a tantalizing ice cream […]

Adventure Runs for Everyone

Adventure Runs for Everyone

by Nikole Weber Launa Kressin, a junior Communication Studies major, cannot help but smile as she looks to the cluster of friends standing beside her, each doused in a unique pattern of colorful paints.  Though The Color Run has ended, the ground throbs to the […]