5 tips to strengthen your resumé

Use a bulleted style to make your resumé more reader friendly. Eliminate clutter. Use strong, concrete verbs to describe jobs. Make sure your resumé has a sharp focus. Don’t fret about the one-page resumé rule. (For more tips: https://www.livecareer.com/quintessential/improving-resume)

All 22 antique shops in the Circle

A & A Antiques                                            A & P Collectibles Antique Depot                               […]

B+ Teams and how much money they have raised as of Nov. 30

Beta Theta Pi $3,150 B+ Club $2,753 Pi Kappa Alpha $2,374 Gamma Phi Beta $580 Kappa Alpha Theta $386

Childhood Cancer Facts

46 children are diagnosed with cancer every school day. Less than four percent of federal cancer research funding that is dedicated to childhood cancer research. 49 children will die this week from cancer. Facts from B+ Foundation.

Tips for home cooking

When you’re first starting, follow the recipes exactly. To save money, plan meals with friends and split the cost. Prepare meals for the week all at once to save time. Buy frequently used foods that will stay fresh in bulk size. Spices are your friends. […]

See what’s cooking on Instagram

Sam Cranich: @veganbysam Nicole Renard: @nicoleerenard

Chapman culture: when does busy become over-involved?

Chapman culture: when does busy become over-involved?

On any given day Tyler Porterfield, senior public relations and advertising major, can be found in the Argyros Forum, leading a student government meeting, guiding a tour through the Attallah Piazza, sitting in a public relations class at the Marion Knott Studios, or on stage […]

Pop-up and party-up: spontaneous concerts powered by social media

Pop-up and party-up: spontaneous concerts powered by social media

Lying in her bed after class on a Tuesday afternoon, a swipe through Twitter is about to make Brooke Bierman’s night a whole lot better.  She sees a tweet from Space Yacht, a link and address, and hastily rounds up her friends to head to […]

Doing: the most effective money maker

Doing: the most effective money maker

It is an upgrade from the usual scissors and superglue. A power drill, impact drill, circular saw, jigsaw, and sander can all be found in the crafting toolbox of Nikki Freed, a junior technical theater major. This is all a part of her arsenal to […]

Etsy alternatives

Made it Myself: No listing fee required to display your handmade products Shopify: Great with design flexibility. You can also sell “services” instead of goods like coaching or copywriting Quirky: Inventors and idea-people team up to create a product Zazzle: Sell your designs on T-shirts, […]